Web design company specializing in working with those who do good.

We believe in building community through considerate design.

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01. A process made
for change makers.


We build beautiful websites that speak to your audience through a collaborative process. We start by understanding your website pains and your priorities. From there, we build a site that you are proud of and that communicates your message. Our process has been thoughtfully developed with change makers in mind.



02. Open to anyone
who makes waves. 


From beekeepers and local artisans to non-profits, we are excited to work with people who making a positive impact in their community and beyond.



03. A background in
design & social work.


Coming from backgrounds in graphic design and social work, we know that websites are often an area of frustration—yet a necessary component to telling the story of an organization or small business. From this perspective, we’re able to balance understanding with insight to help enliven your tone and messaging.



04. No 3-month
timelines here. 


We start off by doing a deep dive into what you currently have; logos, images, colors, current content on your website. Next, we audit it and get rid of the fluff, keeping only the most important stuff—your story, and how others can get involved, whether that be by purchasing your product, signing up for one of your events or donating to your cause. Then we get to work building. We review the work and move forward continually involving our clients in the process. We like to get projects done quickly—no 3 month timelines. After all is said and done we work with you and show you how to update all elements of your site and ensure that you are confident moving forward.





Are the websites you build easy to use?

We believe in making websites that our clients love to use, don’t cause them pain, and never need to be the focus of their jobs. We try to make everything we do as simple as possible, while still looking great. Before any contract begins, we walk prospective clients through a previous clients’ website. We will walk you through how they, and you, will edit images, text, as well as adding pages to your site. We want to be certain what we build will work for you.


Do you write the copy for the website?

We use a process we call ‘copy guiding.’ Copy guiding allows us to collaborate on the copy and to coach you on how to make changes yourself. This process is important long-term in that it allows you to have control over your website to keep it current!


How do you deliver on the ‘no 3-month timelines’ promise?

We are a small agency, typically working with only one client at a time. We like to work quickly while all parties are engaged in the project. We believe it results in a stronger product in the end and our clients can move on and do what they do best.




Can more than one person at my organization use the site?

You can have as many users as you like. Each person will have their own username and password. Furthermore, the ‘admin’ can assign various permission levels ensuring safety and control organization wide.


We don’t have photos, can you help?

Yes! We think investing in photos is one of the best things an organization can do. They tell YOUR story and make the web design process smoother. It’s also a great investment when you think of all the places it can be used - brochures, newsletters, social media. They are a fundamental raw ingredient in the web design process. We partner with a talented photographer who will set up a casual photoshoot and once the project is wrapped up you will have a folder of high resolution photos that can be used across your organization.


Are your sites mobile friendly?

Every site we design will look great on any device it’s being viewed on.