Web design company specializing in working with those who do good.

Our story started with wanting to solve a problem.


Websites should be efficient tools, not expensive beasts.


From our experiences in the non-profit sector and the design industry we had a collective lightbulb go on - “let's create websites as we would want them.”

From here, we discussed with stakeholders to understand exactly how best to design websites that communicate effectively and work for the people that are using them.

And Matters was born.



Who we are


Jess' experience in the not-for-profit sector has focused on food security and homelessness prevention. She is passionate about building community networks, breaking down silos and believes that community is central to belonging.


Corbin’s experience has focused on branding and web design over the past decade. Corbin has a passion for clean, beautiful design. When not designing great websites he is beekeeping, volunteering as an orchardist, gardening, and tinkering.




Company Values



Keeping things simple means that your site is easy to maintain and keep relevant. Most organizations need a bike not a rocket.




Technology should be accessible and not a barrier for effective service provision. In other words, technology should be a tool, not a hindrance.



Clear and open communication leads to a strong, trusting working relationship and a great end product.



The Wheel

Don’t reinvent it. We work from where organizations are and make them shine.